Selling the invisible

Over the last six months, I’ve noticed an alarming rise in two things – and they’re not entirely unrelated. The first is spam, of course. It’s now reckoned that 80% of all email sent in Europe is spam. Cialis, Viagra, […]

On my bookshelf

“You ain’t ‘alf got a lot of books,” said the removal man to me as he lugged another box up the stairs. “What do you do with ’em?” He’s right – I have got a lot of books.  And mostly, […]

Who are you?

Last week, as I browsed in Borders, my eye was caught by a magazine: Time Out – Property Special. Time Out started as a London listings guide, but has now gone global, with weekly magazines from New York to Singapore, a […]

Tell me what to do

Over at Copyblogger, Brian Clark has an interesting article about ‘actionable anchor text’ for links. It means that the link tells people what to do. So instead of writing: Know your audience You write: Know your audience: Click here to […]

Know your audience

At my local library, my eye was caught by these two information packs. Open them up, and you’ll find that much of the content is common. So why not keep costs down and combine them into one pack called Tackling […]