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Want to get to the top of the search engines? Everybody does. Being on page one means global visibility and a boost to your bottom line. But how do you do it? The secret is that there is no secret: it’s all the little things that make a big difference. And that’s where an SEO copywriter can help.

Why use an SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriter

SEO copywriter

First things first: just what is an SEO copywriter? It’s somebody who writes intelligent copy that works for search engines. The key word here is ‘intelligent’. It’s easy – very easy – to write copy that’s stuffed with keywords. And it’ll work, up to a point. Visitors will flock to your site. But they won’t stay there very long. The answer is to include keywords and key phrases organically in your copy. That means they occur naturally, as you describe the product or service you offer – the one your customers are searching for. And that’s something a skilled SEO copywriter can help you with.

SEO copywriting: keeping it fresh and new

Search engines love change. Sites are ranked according to their usefulness, and how often they change is a big part of that. A site that never grows and develops quickly moves down the rankings. So the message is simple: keep adding content, and make sure it’s relevant. An experienced SEO copywriter can do this with ease, helping you get your message across in a keyword-rich, reader-focused way. And that’s a winner every time. It’ll keep the search engines interested, make sure your readers return and get people to link to you – which is a huge advantage in the SEO stakes.

SEO copywriting: remember the big picture

Other elements play a vitally important a role in SEO copywriting success: page titles, headings, file names, meta tags and keywords. They’re all part of a formula that’ll get you to the top. And that’s where an SEO copywriter can work with your web designer, to make sure your site is optimised on the page and behind the scenes – a winning combination.

Need an SEO copywriter?

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