On rediscovering wonder and stepping outside ‘that tiny, terrified space of rightness’

Quick question: what’s the symbol above? If like me, and like Kathyrn Schulz, you thought it was a Chinese character, think again. Schulz is a journalist, author and public speaker, and the world’s leading ‘wrongologist’. She’s spent the last five years looking at why we misunderstand the signs around us (see above) and why we do everything we can to avoid thinking about being wrong. Her TED talk ‘On being wrong’ will get you thinking about whether you’re on the right path, and whether you really know what you think you do. It’s so easy, when you’re launching a campaign, weighing up options or analysing results, to see what you want to see. We all do it. Often, we’ve made up our minds before we even examine the evidence. We then fit the facts to our preconceptions. That’s why just this week, now that we’re back to the usual chilly April weather after last week’s unseasonal summer-like temperatures, people are still walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Schulz’s thought-provoking presentation ranges from Wily E. Coyote (of Road Runner fame) to the surgeon at Beth Israel hospital in Boston who operated on the wrong leg, from Hosni Mubarak to St Augustine. If, as I do, you like being right and hate being wrong (or rather, as Schulz correctly points out, realising you’re wrong) you have to watch this. Trust me. I’m right on this one. (If you’re reading this in an email, click here to see the video.) Find out more: