Learn the trick and work the magic…

Sometimes, I feel like a broken record, and the title of my never-ending ditty is Benefits, not features. I sing it for most clients. And when I tell them how they can use it to turn all the things they do, and all the stuff they produce, into something that’s irresistibly attractive to their prospects, they look at me as if I’ve pulled a rabbit out of a hat. But really, they shouldn’t. After all, this marketing chorus has been around for longer than anybody can remember. It’s just that, lost in the detail of everyday business, meetings, emails, product updates, marketing blue-sky-thinking holding-hands-sitting-in-a-circle strategy sessions, people tend to forget. Forget about the reader. And readers are constantly asking themselves “Why should I care?” Good question. And the answer, when confronted by a lot of marketing is that they shouldn’t. Because it endlessly talks about a subject that doesn’t interest them. Other people. And what do they want to hear about? What we all want to hear about, of course – ourselves. And that’s the magic trick for turning features into benefits. Don’t shine the spotlight on yourself. Turn it around and shine it on your audience. So let’s wave a wand over some of the tired old refrains of conventional marketing, and see what magic we can conjure up.
We have the widest possible range of X (substitute your product or service). You don't need to shop around. You save time and effort and can focus on other important things. You get the job done faster.
We're long-established and have an enviable track record.You don't need to worry - you're making the right choice. You won't regret your decision (i.e. experience the dreaded 'buyer's remorse').
We have an extensive network of contacts. You get a one-stop solution, so whatever you need, we can supply. No need to go elsewhere. You keep your costs down and simplify your life.
We get the job done on time and on budget. You get what you want, when you want it, at a price you want.
We're members of XYZ association. You can trust us, safe in the knowledge that we're not a fly-by-night organisation.
We're ISO 9001 certified.You know you're dealing with an organisation that's been independently vetted and is constantly monitored (worth far more than a carefully selected customer endorsement).
We're ISO 14001 certified.You get to feel virtuous, knowing that you're reducing your carbon footprint even while you're sleeping. Doing the right thing shouldn't be this easy!
Here's how it all works - all the nuts and bolts, the details, the ins and outs, the complications.OK, we know you'll skip this bit, so let's focus on the important stuff: you don't need to worry about how it works. It just does. Now go and do something else that you really want to do.
You can see the pattern here, can’t you? Virtually all the features start with ‘we’. And the benefits?  ‘You’ of course – in other words, them. This simple approach can be applied to anything and everything. One wave of the features/benefits wand, and copy becomes instantly, magically irresistible. Something that chimes with everybody. Much like my marketing ditty.