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Try to see it my way

Speak to any copywriter, and you’ll hear a familiar refrain: benefits, not features. Seems simple enough. But in practice, it’s not always that easy. We all have a natural tendency to describe things literally: ‘This is a luxury 4×4 , with […]

Why wraparound marketing works

Often, people ask me whether copy will guarantee results. I’m always absolutely, definitely, unreservedly sure of the answer: maybe. Why? Quite simply, because there are so many variables. Let’s say I’m writing a sales letter. Its success depends on lots […]

What’s in a name?

Often, I write for people who are just starting up a business. They need the works: web copy, sales letters, press releases, brochures. But before any of that, they have to make one crucial decision.What should they call the business? […]